Christmastime in the Emerald City

I work in a business centre, where I answer the phone for over fifty different companies all pretending to be the only one here. Consequently, I get a lot of confused idiots on the phone. And in my reception area. And in the world, generally speaking.

I also get angry really easily. I tend to rant here, because it keeps me from jumping the desk and hitting people in the face. Apparently I’m funny when I want to injure people. I’m not quite sure how that works.

Also, sometimes I fart really quietly while people are waiting here. Just for kicks. And then I watch people eye each other, trying to find the culprit. Because nobody ever suspects the nicely dressed young lady behind the tidy desk. They have no idea I do nothing all day except blog, surf facebook, and dream about beer, family guy, and motley crue.

Yeah, that’s me. Nobody ever suspects the butterfly.



I love family guy! Go Brian.

greenmetropolis says:

I’m totally the perfect combination of Brian and Peter. Little bit of Stewie. All Lois where it counts. Maybe even some Chris. No Meg though. I don’t wear hats.

Favourite characters: Mayor Adam West, and Ollie with the blackie weather report. “IT’S GON’ RAIN!!!”

Paul B. says:

Totally insane but I’m lovin’ it. I am going to quietly hide in this corner and watch…

romi41 says:

For some reason or another, it takes me a while to stumble onto people’s “About” pages…and when I finally do, I usually reflect on what kept me coming back…in your case, it was that first post I read, the one where you exposed those HILARIOUS pics of all those loser “popular” girls from high school, and how terrible/fat/slutty/married/SLUTTY they become once high school is over…haha, crazy bitches in the suburbs, I loved it 😉

joebec says:

i’m totally down with beer (as you may know already) and family guy. in fact, drinking a 12 pack while watching a season of it on dvd (which i have a few of btw) can be better than a date. not sex, but a date, yes.

greenmetropolis says:

Hell, I consider plopping a guy down on my broken futon with some beer, a few joints and some family guy to BE a date. Way better than awkward conversation over some fancy ass dinner. Don’t get me wrong…I’m all about the fancy ass dinner. It’s just not very conductive to dating. Family guy and weed is also far more likely to leed to sex than a fancy ass dinner, anyways.

Josh says:

Alright, I tried to start one of these face book things people keep telling me about. I don’t see how it’s like myspace at all yet, but I’m making hte effort right? I can’t find any emerald in toronto, so if you want to be a facebook buddy or whatever, here’s the fucking link: also tell the other people I am friends with-/ goddamit. Facebook is way harder than Myspace. I’m too old too learn new shit. I can’t hardly even type with this shit. Fuck.

CuriousC says:

Hi, I’ve noticed your comments here/there/etc and couldn’t link back to you! Try this?
Happy New Year! -“C”

twps says:

Hey. I love your blog and unlike the guy above me, I am GOING TO LINK TO YOUR BLOG. I’d love a link back in return, if you so choose. If not, it’s no big deal, I’m still going to link to yours and that’s that.

Thomas 🙂

bibomedia says:

Have a nice day !

Love the glasses and love the blog. The photos are fantasti…I am inspired to start adding pics to my blog…hmmm…projects
anyway, adding you to my roll…have fun!

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