Christmastime in the Emerald City

{July 31, 2008}   Oh, the Inevitability

So when I initially started this blog, or more like later on when my ratings were at their best, most of what I wrote about was shit that pissed me off, and other forms of snarky ass humour. Nobody, I figured, is going to be much interested in happy boring things like “today my rabbit was adorable”. But lately, a lot of happy exciting things have been going on, most notably with Josh, and our adventures in trying to get together across the miles and legal brouhaha.

And so I’ve created another blog. I’d like to keep this one open for those times when someone is being enough of a fucktard to warrant a nice Auntie Em lashing, or the current whereabouts of various has-beens becomes too much of a curious mystery to leave unsolved. This here page is returning to its sarcastic humourous roots.

That second blog, by the way, is actually a joint effort between Josh and myself, which we both thought was a great idea. So far it’s getting good reviews. Feel free to check it out here. Right now I’m probably on there more often just because that’s what’s most often on my mind, but not to worry! The sarcastic, snarky mood will strike again soon! I feel it brewing as I type. Nevermind Macaulay Culkin, what ever happened to his annoying cousin Bud or whatever his name was, the one with the pet tarantula? I’ll get to that in a day or so. But in between snarky outlets, if you feel I’m far too absent and you happen to miss my awesomeness and don’t mind me bitching about shitty MSN connections and the complications of crossing the border, feel free to check it out.

Love! And stabby gestures. Cause that’s how I roll, you know.


Josh says:

Ooooh, that sounds cool, I think I will go check it out! Thanks for the hot tip! 😉

Haha, thanks for upping my stats baby 😛

David says:

I like your snarky shit greenie! And your new blog is so sweet! 😀

Love is the most wonderful thing of all, even if it doesn’t generate ROFL posts.

Enough of that lovey dovey bullshit. Bring on the snarky bitch fest! 😛 I gotta know, what ever happened to Bud and his tarantula? Oh come on. 😉

talea says:

People like snarky bitches? They love us Em! They really love us!
Dude, we even start second blogs at the same fucking time. We really do spend too much time together.
Did you tell Josh about our identically placed blemishes?

@ David: thanks! I will keep up the snark

@ Peter: i’m predicting an unfortunate fetish website expose, but more research is needed first.

@ Talea: oh snap! i totally forgot!

@ Josh: Talea and I both had a pimple on our right boobie. Well more like in between them, but more towards the right. At the same time. You’re welcome.

romi41 says:

I love the relationshipy stuff when it’s you and Josh authoring that goodness 😉 , but of course no one can ever get enough of your snark, so PLEASE, tell me what Bud from Home Alone is up to these days! 😉

Billy says:

I knew that was you. I’m glad things are great with you and your boy!

Josh says:

Billy: That’s Mr. Boy to you buckeroo. (man works just as well)

Em and Talea: Even your boobs know you’re both secretly gay. I think it might not even be tit zits, I think it may be un-before-knownst cleavage VD, (that’s a word right?) or at the very least bosom chafing from all the dry humping.

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