Christmastime in the Emerald City

{May 30, 2008}   It’s Mah Blog0versary!

Yay me! Blogging for a full year! And by blogging I mean posting random pics, plotting general worldly overthrow, poking fun at celebrities and other less fortunate characters, screaming about fuckwits who can’t get the hellass out of my way, and occasionally talking about bunnies.

It’s been a good year!!!

Here is what I have done this year:


Started knitting again!

– Became an Auntie (in the metaphorical sense…if my 17 year old brother spits out a kid from anyones ovaries any time soon I will throw a shit fit)

– Celebrated 1 year at my job. Dudes this is a milestone for the kind of girl who just ups and leaves jobs she doesn’t like.

– Got out of debt.

– Kicked out a psychotic deadbeat roomie who was really just sleeping on my couch and taking up ungrateful space.

– Came up with THE most disturbing and offensive Halloween costume yet. (Seriously guys, I don’t know how I’m going to top this one.)

– Met some awesome new peeps at my occasional knitting circle, Le Stitch and Bitch! We also do Ladies Who Lunch 😀

Got rid of my smelly, smelly cats.

– NEWSFLASH! My bitchy downstairs neighbour moved out! Hahahahahaha! I win!

– Had only one cheque bounce.

– Became domesticated.

– Quit smoking! It really wasn’t that hard.

– Aquired some hardcore baking skills.

– Met with therapist about panic attacks. Called the number he gave me and heard “Thank you for calling the Borderline Personality Disorder Clinic.” Hung up and said “Oh shit.”

– Tried Zoloft, Celexa, Clonazepam and Ativan. After the second bout of withdrawal said “Fuck this, I’m just smoking weed.” Doctor says I might as well.

Began renovating my apartment. Still trying to hide that fact from the landlords.

– Helped one of my bestest buds get her house all ready for her Greek-to-the-Max Religious Extravaganza. It was tons of fun.

– Pretty sure I helped get my idiot boss fired, except by that time we were thinking she was alright. Quickly realized that she was never alright.

– Got a second tattoo. So did my brother. This bothers me greatly. I’m supposed to be the hardcore one.

– Was surprised with a batch of baby bunnies and managed to keep two of them alive.

– Finally saw the horrendous Two Girls One Cup. Dear God almighty.

Caved in to the corporate addiction to coffee. Hazelnut. Three cream, one sweetener. Yes, I hate myself for it.

– Dragged a dresser up the stairs.

– Admitted my love of Jack Black movies.

– Discovered some pretty rocking people online.

– Told a snippy, too-casually dressed coworker “I wouldn’t hire you at the Gap dressed like that.” Felt pretty damned good about it.

– Met some pretty cool people via blogging. Shout out to Romi! (You’re all pretty cool, but I’ve at least technically ‘met’ her 😛 )

– Fell in love. Didn’t see THAT coming, but it’s pretty rocking. His name is Josh and he rocks my socks. (Sorry babe, wordpress is being a fag and not letting me post a pic 😛 )

Anyways folks, that’s all for now! Here’s to another awesome year. Thanks for reading and stuff, hopefully I get to meet more rad people and keep up the hilarity. Wiggity word!

P.S. Talea was around for all of this. Sorry, but she’s my bestest bud, so I have to promote her and shit. Y’all know how it is.





Pure Evyl says:

Happy Blogoversary. And many happy returns.

Ginny says:

Congrats! There must have been something in the air last spring, because my anniversary is coming right up too. A collective, nationwide need to bitch? Perhaps. Anyways, I will have a birthday drink in your honor.

(I was drunk anyways. But now I feel better about it.)


talea says:

Dragged a trunk up the stairs too! Also, allowed me to not be homeless for a few days in June.
You forgot to mention getting totally wasted on stupid idiot bosses tab at work with the leftover wine, and spilling too much info to a few clients.
You also became hopelessly addicted to ANTM.
AND you’re totally winning on the anger front.

I love you dude, I knew you’d put me in there somewhere. Cuz I know you know that I’d totally throw a fit if I wasn’t included. I want everyone to know I’m THAT damned important to you!
Le sigh.

@ evyl: Thanks! Congrats on the first comment slot 😛

@ Ginny: So many people started blogging about this same time last year, I have no idea! And I appreciate the drink, glad I could give you an excellent reason other then “Cause I bloody well feel like it, that’s why” (But to be fair, that’s a pretty rocking reason too.)

@ Talea: Dude, I knew I’d forget a fuckton of shit that you’d help me remember! I love you too, seriously you mean the world to me and all that sappy shit. Thanks for helping me through the hard times and drinking with me through the good times. I’m sure we’ll still be wearing the same shirt when we’re old ladies on the bus wearing big obnoxious earrings and talking really loudly about our medical procedures.

2lazydogs says:

Congratulappy blogoversary! Great list. My blogoversary is coming up in a few months and now I feel compelled to make such a list. Mine might get me carted off to the looney bin, I’m afraid. It would include such things as dumping a shitfuck boyfriend, selling my business, being unemployed…you know, all the stuff that will pretty much cause a nervous breakdown. Go me!

romi41 says:

Congrats on your one-year! 🙂 And likewise, I was sooo happy to meet you and Talea, definitely the real-life highlight of the blogging-world, and as well, for that reason I’m so happy that I even started blogging…err…almost 11 months ago 🙂

PS: seeing your halloween costume was the moment where I KNEW I was totally in love with your awesomeness 😉

Happy Blogoversary. What will you come up with next? I’ll wait here, you work on that. 😉

@ twolazydogs: Well I dumped a shitfuck not-really-a-boyfriend, acknowledged the failure of my business (nothing worth selling) and did the unemployment bit the preceding year so I can tell you that it gets better! Keep blogging! 😀

@ romi: You’re like, rad and stuff! I think you’ll like this years Halloween costume. Not as offensive, because I don’t think I can push the line much more than that, but definitely fun and unflattering.

@ parkour: Who knows? More delicious adventures, that’s for sure!

Billy says:

FooF! All in one year too! You lead quite an exciting life and congrats on the year mark. Can’t believe I have been missing out this whole time.

wow, great year! Let’s hear it for another one!

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