Christmastime in the Emerald City

{December 14, 2007}   Picture Memes!

 I stole this idea from Cowgal! It’s a fun picture meme, where you type the answer to all the following questions into Google image search, and post the first picture that comes up. Cowgal’s are pretty self explanitory, but I think some of these ones need a little bit of extra info.

 So, here goes:

My next birthday: 

Um, yeah, I’m going to be 24. Which means I was greeted with tons of pictures of Jack.

Place I’d like to visit:

This is in Russia, in the Gulag concentration camps. I’m kind of weird.

My favourite place: 

My bed, obviously! Though this isn’t my bed. My bed right now is a crappy half-broken futon that has become rather unsightly after spending a few months surrounded by two cats and normally-kept-in-the-currently-being-renovated-bedroom five rabbits. Five…territorial….rabbits….

My favourite object: 

How the hell else would you expect me to put up with so much crap from the little monsters?

My favourite food:

Too bad I couldn’t find a pic of the green tea creme brulee I had in NYC. Droooooool.

My favourite colour (duhhhh!):  

Okay, I cheated a bit here. This was NOT the first image that came up. The first image that came up was just a green screen. However, these…are fucking fantastic. I mean, my GOD people! If anyone finds a pair of these, I will make sweet sweet love to whoever buys them for me.

My nickname: 

Pretty self explanatory. But apparently I’m big in Japan. Or China. Or wherever.

Place where I was born: 

Alright, clearly I was not born at the Toronto Eaton Centre. I was just born in Toronto, and this was the first picture to come up. This is actually rather unfortunate because I was here Christmas shopping with my dad last night and I forgot that my anxiety/homicidal issues spike in crowds. Shit, this place is stressful even when I’m NOT in need of meds. Too many humans!!! Anyways, the night did not end well. Really, I should have just gone to the psych ward and asked for a panic attack on a plate. I hate malls.

Anyways, on that cheery note, this has been rather fun and has distracted me from the giant box of chocolates sitting on my desk. I promise that one of these days I will actually open up my replacement digital camera that’s been sitting in the bag since I got it and take more fun pictures of my actual self as opposed to things that just relate to myself.

Though I can’t promise anymore giant chocolate penises, that’s out of my hands…so to speak.


Josh says:

No shit, I thought you were older than me. Well fuck, I’m positive somebody is 26, and somebody is 28, I just can’t remember who they are now.

Concentration camps? You are so fucking cool it stings. srsly And why the hell is there a flock of birds in your gigantic never ending mall? No shit, I’ve never been in a mall that big. The biggest mall around here is two whole stories. I think they have some bigger ones in Charlotte, but damn, that Eaton center is huge!

And what was that desert? Flan maybe? This looked like fun, I think I’ll try it too. Or not, we’ll see.

romi41 says:

How come the Eaton Centre looks so much prettier from that picture? Damn, I have to take Thursday off work and do all my Christmas shopping at said Eaton you think I’ll get eaten alive by crowds if it’s during the day? is Toronto…so probably…

PS: those shoes are the best, you better get one of your bloggin’ man-whores to buy them for you! 😉

greenmetropolis says:

Because we’re Canadian, Josh, and we like to remind people that we have geese for some fucking reason. Who knows? The yearly Christmas tree is a pretty big deal, it’s massive.

And Romi, I would bring the tazer at all times. And remember, old people don’t count, you can push them all you want.

greenmetropolis says:

And to all my blogging man-whores, I wear a size 8 1/2, or European 39 (always the better fit).

greenmetropolis says:

And it’s creme brulee, Josh, not flan. Though flan is good too.

Paul B. says:

There is not a single porn pic in there… I’m impressed.

greenmetropolis says:


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