Christmastime in the Emerald City

{December 12, 2007}   Sexy On SOOOO Many Levels

Seriously. For those of you who haven’t seen “I’m More Domestic Than You” (’cause she totally is) Crafty Friend’s mom makes ‘naughty chocolates’ and some of them are in stunning detail. This one just happened to be ginormous. And crooked. I thought I would share with all of you.


you are so awsome! where can I get one?

soverydomestic says:

Ah Mom. She’s so weird sometimes. You should see the pinup girl cakes she makes!!

Josh says:

I want to see these pin up girl cakes she makes. And I have officially reached the worship zone. Damn youz Em. I used to not be an internet whore, but you ruined me. Go ahead and have fun, but when we’re internet whore married, we just might regret all this shit. Or not, who knows. But if you insist on making me an internet whore, I’d better see some pin up shots! (worth a shot right?) (post some you sexy beast) (aren’t these parenthesis getting old?) (I’ll post one for every one you post. I realize this isn’t much of an incentive, but what the hell, go for it right?) (open paren / thesis (((

Josh says:

btw, what’s a paren?

greenmetropolis says:

Dudes, this totally gets rid of that “sex or chocolate” debate. Although that may result in some….unpleasantries.

And yes, Josh, I would say we are now officially internet whore married. And I promise to put up more pictures. But nothing too exciting, people at work do read this.

nahole says:

shit, now i’m fucking wishing i was a fucking chocolate cock

greenmetropolis says:

Yeah, but there’s this whole melting thing….

nahole says:

it’s a chance I might be willing to fucking take

greenmetropolis says:

Niiiiiiiice. That’s an accomplishment: “Have men willing to risk a melted penis in exchange for my appreciation of chocolatey goodness.” That’s going on the resume.

nahole says:

Well, I don’t know if I want my cock to actually MELT, per se – but I think it would essentially fucking “melt” in your hands or something

romi41 says:

A-hole, I love to sit back and observe your comment-horniness, lol.. 😉

greenmetropolis says:

I’m still waiting to see a pinup girl cake. Dude, I’d totally pose for that. And Romi, then I could steal your schtick and offer people pinup cake pictures of myself if they read my blog.

nahole says:

Fuckin’ A Romi – my fucking comment-horniness knows no fucking limits.

WHOA baby… sorry it took me about 5 minutes to notice that there is a chocolate penis in your hands…

Josh says:

I was just playing. Classy Em all the way. No need for pin up shots. And why on earth did you ever let people at your work find out about your blog? I mean, the people I work with know I have a blog, but I’ll be damned if I ever tell them how to find it. I don’t even tell my good friends where this blog is. I like that hardly anyone I know reads it.

nahole says:

Blog hiders are babies.

Josh says:

NAHole: Nuh uh, no we aren’t. Blog hiders get to post better shit cause they don’t have to worry about losing their job or pissing off their woman. I have always kept my life fairly segmented. I don’t like my different circles overlapping. It always causes problems. People who let everyone know about their blog have to be all careful what they say, and not do anything to piss off anybody they know.

greenmetropolis says:

There are a few cool people at work who I let read my blog. My test is as follows: If I can say “Shit Fuck Damn” in front of you at work and not have to worry about getting my can canned, then you can read my blog. Hilarity always ensues.

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