Christmastime in the Emerald City

{November 20, 2007}   Just a Quick Question

…How in the hell-ass did “Jesus Fucks A Monkey” lead some poor schlub with too much time on his no doubt greasy hands to my fucking page?


Sorry about the short post. More genius at a later time.


Curry says:

I was just fuckin around, as I do with searches sometimes. Yes, I do have a lot of free time. Anyway, it brought me to the November 2nd ’07 blog. After experiencing that I read some more of your stuff. You and I agree on many things, as I can’t stand females (but especially girls) with their everyday ideas and use of makeup and fashion. I don’t know which pisses me off more, the ignorant ones or the ones trying to accomplish something by doing so. Anyway, I like your blog. Thanks for gracing the internet with your ‘anger management’ issues (we all have them). Oh and congrats on hauling that dresser. Free stuff is the best.

greenmetropolis says:

Woooot! I fucking rock!

talea says:

I doubt his hands were greasy. Probably more sticky than greasy.

greenmetropolis says:

Sticky would defeat the purpose. It’s all about the lube. Or so I’ve been told. Maybe we are thinking of the same event, but at different points in time. Cause, if he’s searching on the internet, chances are he’s not…done yet.

Oh god, why am I even pondering this?!?!?!

talea says:


greenmetropolis says:

I know, I know. This is my problem, I can’t stop my brain. Uuugghhh.

Maytina says:

I’m going to sit on this answer, as I have sat on it for Talea. The mysteries of the internet are all hidden in my basement you know.

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