Christmastime in the Emerald City

{October 19, 2007}   My Apologies to the Toronto Indpendent Music Awards

So I’ve received a barrage of negative comments (that I regret deleting in a moment of ‘pffffft’) in regards to my opinion of the Toronto Independent Music Awards.

To summarize, I’ll try to remember as much as I can. Something about how they put in far more effort than my typing, and that I should be grateful such an event exists. Someone mentioned something about exactly how much money was given out. A lot of cursing and swearing and something about how it’s not their fault my night got raped or something. Someone told me to take an English class.

So, my apologies:

I’m sorry that your event, for all its hard work, still sucked. And that it was terribly, glaringly obvious.

I’m sorry you got so worked up over my opinion of it.

I’m sorry you got stuck with the Phoenix.

I’m sorry you give a shit about my motherfucking grammar on a BLOG!!!!

Please feel free to comment negatively all you want.


shall we trade blogrolls? and i don’t mean that sexually.

Paul B. says:

Toronto has music? I thought that was only Vancouver..

romi41 says:

Toronto has a great deal of music Paul; the indie scene consists of homeless men with harmonicas, it’s very inspiring; there are also “midget-street perfomers” at the subway station; one of the midgets who I see every morning plays a classical guitar, and he sings about being lovelorn…inspiring shit.

Paul B. says:

Holy crap Romi you are like the Paris Hilton of WordPress – is there any blog you haven’t been through? Anyhoo I heard it was you singing at the subway.. or least trying to.

romi41 says:

Yeah, and you’re like the Hugh Hefner of WordPress; only older.

greenmetropolis says:

I love how we all have a little niche and are on each others blogrolls 😀
It’s delicious. And don’t worry Romi, I’ve seen the singing Midget too.

Toronto definitely has an indie scene. But other than Devotchka, I haven’t heard anything that doesn’t sound like Alexisonfire in a long time. Except for, you know, shitty experimental bluegrass stuff and crap-rap.

romi41 says:

Your new avatar is delicious 🙂 … be careful, you’re gonna drive A-Hole crazy with that shit 😉

greenmetropolis says:

Shit, she’s onto me!!!

Paul B. says:

Not only A-Hole..

romi41 says:


greenmetropolis says:

My god people, it’s just a foot! And not even my foot!

greenmetropolis says:

You guys rule hardcore 🙂

Paul B. says:

Romi is just jealous…

Paul B. says:

.. seriously this blog bangs big time.. but its like showering, just remember to do it at least once a week to keep the flies away.

wow what did I miss here!

I wouldn’t tell anyone that the foot is not yours…keep ‘em guessing!

talea says:


greenmetropolis says:

Thank you Talea 😛

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